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Current Weather Conditions down river from me in the Uni District

Latest Huntington West Virginia, weather conditions and forecast

NOAA Weather Details by State



Large USA Slow Motion Loop Map

Ohio River Advanced Hydrologic Prediction

Long Range Weather Forecast with around 85% accuracy

By using a barometer, the wind direction and this chart you can make a fairly accurate weather forecast. Today Sportsmen's LCD devices may contain an Altimeter, Clock, Barometer, Calendar, Thermometer, and lighting functions for less than $20 dollars.



Live Weather Images World Wide

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National Average Price Powered by

Click the Yellow link above the weathear gages and enter your Zip Code at the top left of the new page for the complete weather outlook in your own area.  "Click here for the complete forecast"

 Eastern Time Zone

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Earth Sun Clock shows areas in Daylight & Dark
Click on the image to get present view

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